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A guy who all the girls in your school would die to be with. Mainly because of his looks and his personality. He's the talk of the town. You'd be the luckiest girl if he chose you out of all the others. The type of guy that'll make you speechless when he speaks. Has the coolest personality. Doesn't need to try hard to be cool, he's probably the most popular guy in school. You can't hate this guy. Everyone loves him. Succeeds in everything he does. He puts the "COOL" in everything.
girl 1: "Dude. i saw the cutest guy!"
girl 2: "Let me guess, Johnny?"
girl 1: "Yeah! He's sooo COOL!"
by coolioflow23 November 18, 2012
Home of the Red Raider Nation; Small town yet well-known through out the island; Lays on the Northshore of Oahu. Not too far from the Polynesian Cultural Center
guy: aye, where you from?
me: Kahuku.
guy: ho Red Raiders 4 Life!
me: You know dat.
by coolioflow23 November 18, 2012

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