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The worst show on earth. It features a bunch of twenty-something year old loser who are paid to act like mentally handicapped dirt. The basic formula for every episode is sex+drinking+tanning. Every time you watch jersey shore, your IQ will drop by a minimum of 10 points. The show is so dirty and disgusting that even viewing it may result in herpes of the eye. The people on that show make America and New Jersey look bad. One of the worst offenders is a creature, called Snooki. A snooki is an animal with a leather-like appearance and a dangerously high appetite for sex. Its activities include working at a t-shirt shop and passing out in public with a bottle of vodka in its hand. jersey shore is a prime example of how NOT to live. It delivers the message that sex and alcohol are the solutions to everything. I sincerely hope that show gets cancelled.
Kenney: what happened to Kyle? He was a genius just a few weeks ago and now all he does is drool and poop his pants.
Mitchell: he watched Jersey Shore 15 times, which dropped his IQ from 180 to 30.
by coolestnerdever June 03, 2012

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