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usually depicts an unknown person who shows unbelievable skills on computer games and frequently kills his own team in Rogue Spear with a companion. his companion is usually named 'Evil Guy'
holy shit!!!!!! I just got smoked by zsunsun in CT Racer!
by Cool Person September 16, 2003
a COOL PERSON who takes sleeping pills.
Chipp Zanuff is COOL.
by Cool person February 27, 2005
I wish I was Sol Badguy because he is COOL.
by Cool person February 27, 2005
a faded or undefined mark.
That guy has a brainomark!
by cool person February 25, 2004
a term used by cool people to indicate some fucktard blocked in MSN messenger.
AcMonG (>TrsT<) : Blocked
GMG (>TrsT<) : Guang
Ghos.R (>TrsT<) : Shinji

Viper (>TrsT<) : OWNED!
by Cool Person August 05, 2003
The hottest girl from Europe ever! The hottest of her sisters, Maggie and Marcella.
Märta Madsen is hot.
by cool person November 10, 2003
the best gothic rock band ever!! they are too cool for school. only for goths not preps.
goth: horizontal phobia is cool
prep: like totally!
goth: NO! not for preps!
by cool person March 13, 2005
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