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3 definitions by cookiecutter

of, or relating to, Polacks. usually quite cheap.
those polackian potatoes are a dime a dozen.
that builder used polackian cement.
by cookiecutter August 07, 2006

a collection of amateur and professional coders who modifies multiplayer games, usually fps, to gain advantage over other online gamers. there doesn't seem to be any online fps they don't have an answer for.
GAMER: cheat! you killed 30 soldiers in 5 seconds. you got aimbot!
MPC CHEAT: i'm no cheat. i only have a wallhack, and it's not active.
ROOKIE: hey, where can i get this "wallhack" thing?
MPC CHEAT: dunno, what's a wallhack?
by cookiecutter August 08, 2006
a male polak is a tax dodging bricklayer from poland who finds their way to england for a far better life than in their homeland. a female polak is a non tax paying prostitute who finds their way to england to avoid drunk punters in their homeland.

polaks usually have a hearing impediment and can only communicate by shouting. they are very easy to spot from a crowd due to a variation of trisomy 21.
"how many polak brickies in england pay tax?"
"not a single one!"
by cookiecutter November 05, 2006