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3 definitions by convojake

The act of a man massaging a woman's butthole until a turd falls out. The poop is then transferred to the woman's hand, and then the woman massages it into the man's butthole. Named after Marion, Ohio.
Steve: So what'd you and Lexie do last night?
Jim: Marion Massage
Steve: Lucky guy!
by convojake February 04, 2011
9 3
The act of buying a double cheese burger from McDonald's and then having a woman get her period blood all over it, then eating it.
Rob: Im hungry man, what you wanna eat?
Joe: I wish I could get a McBlood now
Rob: ughhh, me too man
by convojake February 04, 2011
4 1
A person poops in one side of the toatser, and puts bread in the other toaster slot. both are cooked until both are toasted, and then the poop is spread over the bread and eaten
Abby: What do you want for breakfast?
Kevin: How about a nice Texas toaster?
Abby: Good, I already made several of them
by convojake February 04, 2011
8 6