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"Blog babble", a noun/noun composite word used to describe near useless blog entries. A few of the types are;
1) blog entrys made so the blogger can "hear" himself/herself speak. Alone they make no sense.
2)Quick entrys from bloggers who obviously didn't bother to read and/or understand the thread.
2)Unsubstantiated blog entries that cite unreferenced "facts" using terms like "It's well known that..." or"Experts say that..." or "I think we all agree".
When posted to a blog, the examples below are "blog babble." Listed as above, respectively.

1)"Oprah should be ashamed of herself, and apologize for single handedly losing the Olympics."

2)"She should be prosecuted."

3) "On what grounds? It is a well known fact that the Olympics are governed by the UN and they have to be impartial when it comes to stuff like that"
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by conspiracy of commom sense October 09, 2009
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