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1 definition by conncamel

A small, liberal arts college located in New London, CT. Conn College, as it is affectionately known by the majority of the student body, is home to about 1900 undergraduates. The ConnColl student probably went to a not-quite-as prestigious boarding school in New England and likely plays at least one varsity sport, with varying legitimacy. Conn students are not as smart or as athletically talented as most of the rest of the NESCAC, mostly because it went co-ed much more recently than many of the older schools and so has had less time for alumnae to pump the endowment to recruit better athletes and raise the standard for admission.

Socially Conn is not what it used to be. Though there is a moderately solid bar scene in New London, it's only fun when a large group of Conn kids go otherwise the local New Lo meth heads will eat your face. Parties on campus tend to be decent at best, as floor parties tend to get broken up quickly and there are no dorms big enough for a lot of people to hang out. Off campus parties at the lax house or at the ridge apartments are usually the best bet, as there are most always kegs and no campus po.

strange amount of skunks. almost all white kids. dece food. hot girls. good bud. a lot of strange kids in strange dorms doing strange things. if youre cool you will find a way to have fun, but only on thursdays and saturdays.
buddy at brown: what's good at connecticut college this weekend?
conn kid: if you come thursday or saturday there will prob be somethin fun goin on
buddy at brown: ....
buddy at brown: why dont you just come here and we can get drunk and find cool parties any night...
conn kid: it makes me remember how i couldn't get into brown when i applied, i get super sad dude
buddy at brown: sick, alright well im gonna go see whats up at deke, you should definitely drive the 45 minutes to providence man
conn kid: na i'm gonna get 'zza from oasis n prob just chill by the dance solo.
by conncamel October 24, 2010