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The physical act of fornication whilst the male's fallace is flaccid , this act is similar to "pushing a frayed rope through a hole".
" Hey bro, did you bang that fat chick last night? "

" Yeah bro, but I was pushing rope ".
#penis #flaccid #fornication #rope #viagra
by Connar July 17, 2015
The act of achieving a sneeze, cough and fart simultaneously.

(made famous
Yesterday I had a burp snart.
#burp #fart #sneeze #together #grown ups
by Connar June 01, 2015
Excessive daytime sleepiness, caused by staying up late, binge watching Narcos.
1: Yo, Im suffering from Narco-Lepsy right now.

2: Such a good show....
by Connar April 19, 2016
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