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2 definitions by conman of north

a term used to identify and mess with a person who talks only to girls in order to raise his/her ego.
Connor:hey did you see Terrance talking to that group of girls?
Eli: no what were they talking about?
Connor: i have no idea but it had something to do with being a millionaire.
Eli: OK, thats it I'm calling Ego building
by conman of north April 28, 2011
a name for a series of pranks and harassment by fellow roommates and/or dorm mates. these can range from turning off the power at 4am to smearing pepper on the ground. its all in good fun.
kyle: hey dude did you hear?
matt: what?
kyle: i got 504ed last night!
matt: how?
kyle: while i was in class my dorm mates took my bed apart, hid the pieces, along with my desk, tv, and xbox.
matt: dude that sucks
by conman of north April 29, 2011