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scoliosis is when your spine curves into a certain degree.so, you will have to wear a brace(this hard thing--kinda like armour.)to prevent your spine from curving to a really bad point where you will need surgery. this usually happens to girls around 12 years old.it is a very uncomfortable feeling,very awkward, ecspecially when changing in the locker rooms. everyone stares at you saying \"what the hell are you wearing\" and they are feeling sorry for you at the same time.they give you looks like they're fuken shocked. its like your different. i have had scoliosis and i know the awkward feeling.i used to wear my brace to school becuase if i didnt,my spine would curve even more. however, i gained my confidence when i found out someone else had it too! she told me this trick to avoid people staring at you awkwardly. so what you do is tell people to punch you in the stomach hard.lol because then their hands will hurt. thats when you can explain to them that you have scoliosis. its not a big deal because once you tell other girls, they can't tell anyone becuase they feel very sorry for you and everyone (in ur P.E. class...) already knows. if you have scoliosis,you can use this trick
girl1: hey, punch me in the stomach hard
girl2: ok(punches girl1 in stomach) woah you stomach is hard
girl1: lol that cuz i have scoliosis
by confident77 December 07, 2009

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