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1. Someone who supports the most successful clubs at the time
2. Has little knowledge of the club's true history, and has never been to a game
3. Overuses phrases and mottoes (ie: YNWA)
4. Right now, they are Manchester united, Barcelona, and AC Milan fans who mainly live in the US.
5. Someone who will switch from one team to the next once they start losing
6. Someone who gets deeply involved in petty internet fights (ronaldo vs. messi, soccer vs football, etc.)
7. Someone who tries to justify when their team did not do well, even though they probably haven't even heard of them at the time (ie: Franco helped Real Madrid)
8. Gloaters
9. Most of them support every single team who's top in the table of their respective leagues at once
Barcelona fans who rant about how much messi is better than ronaldo (BOTH AMAZING PLAYERS), not need to get all fired up. Most americans support Barcelona, as well as AC milan and manchester united....glory hunters just want to gloat
by confessedrealmadridfan March 21, 2011

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