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6 definitions by conchowino

When a usually straight laced person becomes horny when drunk and hooks up with lots of guys/girls at a party. Opposed to being a "Slut". Being a "Horny Drunk" implies that you are not like that all the time.
Mary isn't a slut, she's just a horny drunk!
by conchowino February 23, 2009
Attending one function then leaving half way through to get to another function.
Bob: Are we going to Michelle's party?
Lisa: Yeah, we're gonna two time it with Jack's farewell.
by conchowino January 29, 2009
To get very drunk.
Bob and Garry got plenty schickerd last night.
by conchowino September 26, 2008
A shortened version of the word "Nipple"
I saw a picture of you and you could see some Nip.
by conchowino December 11, 2008
A terrible liver disease which is very painful causing the liver to not be able to break down bile, slowly causing you to have a slow and painful death. Transmitted sexually.
That slut, Mary Poppins, gave me supercalifragilisticexpialidocious when we f*cked the other night.. Now I'm slowly, but surely dying!
by conchowino March 02, 2009
A bogan Aussie who thinks he's top.
Shaun is a bogan yob from Mt. Druitt
by conchowino September 15, 2009