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A Christian Church founded in upstate New York during the second Great Awakening by a man named Joseph Smith, who claimed to see God and Jesus Christ in the woods near his home. He then claimed to have translated an ancient record, similar to the bible. His Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints proceeded to grow rapidly over the next century, to a size of about 12 million members, approximately half of them active. About half of them live in Utah, where the Mormons migrated in the second half of the 19th century to escape persecution.

Mormons are instructed by their church leaders, called prophets and apostles, to share their religion with others whenever the opportunity arises. Some choose to do this by posting pages of information on mormonism on Urban Dictionary, as anyone viewing this page can clearly see. There are several huge doctrinal problems with this church, two of which have been remedied: racism against Africans, and polygamy. However, many problems still exist, including several accusations of forgery against Joseph Smith, disagreements between information in Joseph's Book of Mormon and archaeological evidence, sexism, and strange/ridiculous rites and ceremonies.
I met a Mormon and her seven children at the grocery store yesterday. She seemed very nice, but something about her was a little weird. She talked to me about Jesus and gave me a strange book.
by concernicus August 13, 2007
A weird-ass young white male who walks everywhere looking for people to talk to about Jesus. Always comes in a group of two.
If you let them talk to you once, they will ALWAYS come back. Like a Jehovah's Witness, but does not come with food.
I got attacked by a mormon missionary yesterday. I let them come inside and they talked to me about Jesus for FIVE HOURS!
by concernicus August 13, 2007
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