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Also "Ko-gal" or "Kogyaru." Japanese term for a "bad girl" or "girl with attitude." These girls are sometimes girls who act a bit rebellious, dress different, or do other things to try to stand out and go against society in some ways. Often, kogals are girls who seem to have no priorities other than the latest high-class fashions, buying expensive clothing and accesories, and talking on their keitai. Some Ko-gals also have a reputation for being easy or slutty, especially those connected to enjokosai. Also "Ganguro Kogal" (see Kogal). "Tanned" girls who tan their skin to give themselves a darker look. Tanning ranges in degree from a bit of a tan color to their skin, to almost freakish levels of unnatural looking dark skin (usually more associated with yamanbas). Tanned skin seems unnatural for Japanese people, so even a bit of a tan usually stands out. Ganguro Ko-gals are usually girls with fashion interests cheaper than your usual basic kogal, but fashion that is far more outrageous and unusual. Their fashion often seems to resemble the "beach" look, and you will often see such a girl with blonde hair - either dyed or by means of a wig (usually the latter if the hair looks rather fancy). They also are known to wear shoes that have VERY large soles on them (which provide ample amouts of humor for those watching said girls when their big shoes cause them balance problems). Ganguro are also connected to the dance style Parapara. From my experience, a lot of Japanese people found ganguro gals totally stupid, and me a bit stupid as well for liking them.
I thought most Japanese had no fashion sense... then I saw a kogal.
by conception May 04, 2004

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