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the political fighting style in which an opponent's energy and position is used against them with an emphasis on throwing out baseless claims in the press, immobilizing their funds and selectively applying the principles of balance (eliminating it), leverage (from back room deals), and momentum (from relentless lobbying) and as a last resort, putting important decisions on hold until the next session.
Judging by all of the legislation that congress has voted on in his favor, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle is a master of political jujitsu.
by concepcionimmaculada September 21, 2010
pants that exist only in cyberspace.
Person 1: so I was having cybersex last night with hotchick69

Person 2: are you telling me you're so out of it that it means something to you that you got down hotchick69's internet pants? You know that online isn't real right?
by ConcepcionImmaculada September 19, 2010

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