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Place located north of Windham and South of Napels (between Lewiston/Auburn and Portland), just next to Casco.

The sticks. Middle of nowhere. Students get up at 5 am to get bussed to other towns for school. roads often go unplowed due to lots of roads and little money, because its all spent on the bussing of students.

Tourists come here looking for what its like to live in the country. this makes campgrounds cluster near a strip mall and a lake for all those tards who come in here to "camp" in a mobile fortress with electricity plumbing and water.
Exist much? Dont go to raymond, theres bound to be something to piss you off.
by Como August 11, 2005
Womens idea of a somewhat long time.
her: "I'll always wait for you!"
him: "Sweet. I'll be outa here in about 10 years."

other him: "So... your place, or mine?"
her: "yours, mine needs... cleaning"
by como January 26, 2005
To be hit in the back of the head; To be clubed fatally.
We were playing Halo at chris's house, and jimmy got aardvarked.
by Como December 09, 2004

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