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A faggot ass wannabe rnb singer who's popularity is soaring thanks to lifeless tasteless douche bags who listen to this shit. this guys a fucking joke. he claims that he spent years behind bars for running an auto theft ring. the truth is this asshole served a couple short sentences for unpaid parking tickets and now is tryin to make hard shit out of it. also this bitch claims to not be proud of being a felon and that hes trying to forget that part of his life. yet the fucking moron introduces himself as "convict" in the beginning of each song. what a fucking tool and a waste of fucking oxygen.
14 year old fag: omgzorz have u heard the new akon song sexy bitch??
me: yeah, that fagget manages to screw up songs even from artists like David guetta. fucking prick.
by communismbeatsdemocracy November 17, 2009
Currently the most hated man in the United States. Shit, according to the top most hated people of all time charts, the son of a bitch is number 1, more hated than Osama Bin Laden who is in turn followed by Adolf Hitler. Holy shit, the poor guy is hated more than the man who blew up the Twin Towers, and more hated than Hitler who is responsible for more than 30 million deaths and left Europe in Ruins. Fact of the matter is, the guy didnt really do anything apart from having poor judgement and not so great leadership skills. Blamed for every single American's problems, and is widely made fun of his pronouncing mistakes, which only happened on 4 instances.
American people like Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler more than the dreaded George Bush
by communismbeatsdemocracy May 31, 2009

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