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Pertaining to Pink Floyd.
The music had Floydian influences.
by commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
Someone who you see and cannot immediately discern the gender of.
"Lots of gender benders in this store."
by Commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
A phan of the band PHISH. (A real, dedicated, touring phan.)
Yo, you a phan?
by commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
An early, dedicated follower of Aerosmith. Aerosmith remarked at a concert that their audience members wore overwhelming amounts of denim, and said they looked like a Blue Army.
You fight in the Blue Army? Hell yeah, I love Aerosmith.
by Commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
Also the name of Aerosmith's forthcoming 2004 album. (used inreference to a blowjob.)
"Honkin' on Bobo is wildly anticipated by many crazy fans"
by commonwealth1325 October 20, 2003
Something that is nasty.
"Dude, that's naste as hell!"
"You are so naste!"
by Commonwealth1325 October 21, 2003
A portion of the Princeton Univeristy campus used for smoking weed. Phish smoked there back in the day, too.
Lets go to the rhombus and smoke a fat blizzy.
by Commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
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