1 definition by commandotaco

A word used for no purpose whatsoever.
(Commonly used before "Herp a Derp")
Derp relations: Other words related to derp. Examples: Herp a Derp, Merp, Burp, Derpity, Derp Sauz, Derpapottamus, Derpalophagus, RageDerp ETC.
Can be used in a Derp Train... A endless repeat of derps and derp relations.
Person 1: Derp
Person 2: Herp a Derp
Person 1: Derpity Sauce
Person 1: Well F**k Dat.A MERP A MOTHER F**KING HERP A DERP!
Person 2: RageDerp much?
by commandotaco June 17, 2012

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