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Possesed by ALL true ninjas, real ultimate power is the ability to flip out all the time and kill people for practically no reason at all.
If you don't believe that ninjas have REAL Ultimate Power you better get a life right now or they will chop your head off!!!
by combat_rock November 08, 2003
A puppet who completely OWNED Eminem at the MTV awards show, and the most hilarious thing ever. Originally part of Late Night with Conan O'brien. Likes to fuck all the bitches.
Eminem pissed his pants when he saw Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
by combat_rock November 08, 2003
A name that brings conflicting memories to many gamers, because it refers to

1. The most kickass Mortal Kombat character ever, but also

2. The most bitchass character ever in the Metal Gear series.
How can Raiden be so cool and yet so lame?
by combat_rock November 30, 2003
Awesome soft drink with a light vanilla flavor. Often distributed by well known root beer companies for some reason.
IBC cream soda is the best.
by combat_rock May 17, 2004
A vehicle that when driven is comprable to drunk driving. In other words, the offending driver is likely to walk away without a scratch, while the victim is usually just fucked.
I got hit by an SUV, but it's ok, because I got a million bucks. And all I had to do was break my neck!
by combat_rock November 29, 2003
Anyone in the WWE under 6'6'', a wrestler that always loses to make more popular wrestlers look better.
Spanky and Funaki are awesome, but they're to small to be anything other than jobbers.
by combat_rock November 28, 2003
A once novel concept completely and utterly destroyed by Clear Channel, which owns every radio station and only plays three shitty songs in steady rotation.
I just heard this song three minutes ago on the radio!
by combat_rock November 08, 2003
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