12 definitions by colton

A percy nugget of chronic.
Dude that is such a dank noj!
by Colton April 04, 2005
Short for not pulling
Dude Lackey is nopling hes smoking a cig backwards and trying to eat the fuckin speghetios in the mirror...
by Colton April 04, 2005
A White bat which is obsesed with gems. she is tring to take the master emerald but knuckles always stops her. She uses her feet for weapons.
She Probaly manipulates knuckles to get his master emerald that's probably why it looks like she likes knuckles
by Colton May 07, 2004
A cunt smuggler is a guy who just smuggles cunts instead of gullzing beer or surfing.
Paul Ahern is such a cunt smuggler. All he does is go to the gym, throw gummers and pinch Dales sack.
by Colton April 04, 2005
From North County San diego.
It means someone who is chill and just lopes it hard. A loper can also be a party with strickly the bros and the danks..
yeah man that guy is chill, hes definatley a loper.

Yeah dude cruise over were just haveing a loper at my house.
by Colton April 04, 2005

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