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A playful bite/peck; a kiss
David was nipping at my ankles

Milena after started nipping his neck <3
by colourful_clouds January 24, 2011
An expression that is said when you are feeling rich with money .
Shawn ; "I got my pay check today !"

Jon ; "Wow dude ! you're whiting out a dime with that amount of money ."
by colourful_clouds June 22, 2009
The slang of the 80s or 90s . Difines something as being lively , and entertaining .

May also mean something in style .

Also , "to swagger in behavior"; showing off .
"Wow , that dancefloor is swankin' !"

"How was your day , Bob ?" "Yooo mannn it was swankin' !"

"Woweee ! Gal , your shirt is swankin' !"
by colourful_clouds July 07, 2009
Noun- an insult

Verb- a compliment ; "I will wank-face" I will go masturbate to your face .
"What the fuck.. ? You're such a wank-face , dude .. "

"Oh .. I think I have to wank-face now ."
by colourful_clouds July 07, 2009
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