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A word indigenous to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area, meaning "very," "a lot," "so," "totally," etc.
If you are not from the bay and you say hella, you sound like a dumbass. Seriously, you do. Don't try and say it to act like you're cool, cause you're not. We all know you're jealous that you're not from the bay, but that's okay. Just move here and live here for a few years and taste the magic, and you'll be set :)
There are hella ghetto-ass people at all these schools in Oakland!

I got a hella bad sunburn when I went to SoCal; I'm never going there ever again, and you shouldn't either, because NorCal is WAY better anyways!

Dude, you hella just got dissed by your own teacher.

I hella did that shit, man!
by coloredsharpie December 08, 2010

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