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one who is very large in apperance and also who eats alot.
Big Boo is a baby eater.
by colin passy April 26, 2003
1. To tell one one to screw off in a not so rude manner. 2. A rabdin suggestion when there is nothing to do.
1. Ron you been bugging me all day, go eat a weiner! 2. What is there to do? Ummmmmmmmm..........eat weiners.
by colin passy April 30, 2003
1. A hard, stiff, and throbing state of a male's penis 2. Used to be inserted in a women's vagina or anus.
1. I have an erection after thinking of some swedish pornogrphy 2. I stuck my erection is suzies asshole because her vagina was to lose and floppy
by colin passy April 30, 2003
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