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probably that best option when going out for ice cream. you get exactly what you want down to what type of bowl you want it in. You usually get great service and happy people to serve you, but what happens in the back?

we literally just sit when there is absolutely nothing to do

we have very deep and meaningful conversations

have gummy bear and m&m fights when your boss/manager isnt working

make fun of the ridiculous customers we just helped, you think you did nothing wrong? haha guess again you idiot!

feel free to give us a tip but dont expect a song, we arent trained monkeys that bow to yuor every whim.

dont complain because you really cant, you ordered the damn thing. unless you know theres a hair in it...

dont complain about prices because once again, you ordered it.

i know we have funny names for our ice cream creations but come on guys, some of them are just your inability to read.

if we ask you a question like what size, dont say 2 scoops because you look like a dumbass, our sizes are right in front of your face.

we really just want you order your damn ice cream and leave so hurry up deciding. like seriously you dont even know what your in the mood for?

the latest you should come in to get ice cream is about a half hour before we close. unless you want to get dirty looks the whole time and an overpriced order! just kidding i only did that once

other than those few things, enjoy your ice cream
customer "can i have a love it cookie monster"

Employee" haha yeah of course you can have a cookie minster"

"why does your icecream look melty"
uhm its ice cream in the summer?

oh i just love going to coldstone creamery!
by coldstone worker? June 30, 2009

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