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emo kids fucking suck at life. just because someone is depressed, have suicidal tendencies, or cut themselves does not mean they are in the emo scene. emo kids have have tainted everything for people who actualy suffer from depression and do cut themselves. they do not self-mutilate for enjoyment they do it as a control issue as they feel they have no control in their life and the physical pain is all that they can feel at that time as they feel empty inside. they don't do it for attention as emo kids do or to fit into a scene that has some of the most god awaful music(ie. blood brothers). fuck emo kids up the ass with the knife they use to cut themselves with.
emo - verbalize that they are deprssed, hate life and try to show their cuts to the world with a saddened look to their face
depressed person - don't verbalize anything, hide their cuts and act like nothings wrong
by cold_scoobydoo May 03, 2007

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