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When lol just isn't enough,
Susan: And then she sharted!!

by cokeobean June 24, 2011
When a situation is particularly hilarious in a dry and witty way. Taken from the Frech word 'droll' and mixed with the English word 'lol' with an 'i' in the middle because we can. Best said in a French twat-like accent.
A: And then the lily of the valley simply died!

B:Rarararararara! Drollilol!
by cokeobean June 24, 2011
1. Someone so hideous it's funny.

2. When someone be hating on your shit, they be trolling. However, as a higher being than them, you simply laugh their trolling off.
1: That guy over there is so trollilol.

2: A: You can't work that outfit

B: Trollilol - watch me.
by cokeobean June 24, 2011

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