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The murmur heard when a large group people are talking among one another.
In a classroom:
rabal, rabal, rabal, rabal....
mr lincoln, linc, mr lincoln, lincoln, mr linc
by coinroller August 03, 2007
An occassion which is hilarious for people who witnessed it first hand however when the event is told to others, it isnt as funny.
You should of been there, teacher was walking past, and i stuck my leg out and she tripped, cracked her head on the table. -be there moment
by coinroller April 15, 2008
The venue where deal or no deal is held.
Well today, in the dealadrome, there is 200,000 dollars up for grabs.
by coinroller August 03, 2007
Meant to be a derrogitory word.
However, it is often only used by losers and those who use it are often bagged for several months to come.
Year 7: your a vagina case
Year 9: WHAT THE FUCK IS A VAGINA CASE. Friggin loser.
by coinroller June 01, 2007
The tooth that the tooth fairy pays triple for.
This is my last tooth. It's also my money tooth. EXTRA MONEY !!
by coinroller August 03, 2007
Something thats fully sick and awesome, AT THE SAME TIME.

wohhhhh, flawsome car bro.
by coinroller August 03, 2007
A slang term for position. Refers to a sexual position.
Her favourite pozzy is 69.
by coinroller July 27, 2007

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