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2 definitions by cog

verb. A sex act involving a limber woman. Where the woman spreads her legs and grabs her ankles. Oral, Vaganal, and Anal sex ensue, in THAT order. No ATM here.
Dude! I found a hot little gymnast who's so horny she's willing to do a Three Eyed Turtle!
by cog January 19, 2005
Verb, The act of letting a Refrigerator, often one accessed by a community of people, become less and less clean over time, until finally someone from the community says "I've had enough!", and cleans the Refrigerator.

Noun, The person, in the community, who "loses" the "game" of Refrigerator Chicken, is often called the Refrigerator Chicken.
Four roommates were playing a game of Refrigerator Chicken until one of them got food poisoning, and she decided to clean the damn thing out.

Every since she got food poisoning and started cleaning out the 'fridge her roommates have bell calling her the "Refrigerator Chicken".
by cog January 20, 2005