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2 definitions by codpiece thief

A mean, openly feminist psychology professor at the Osceola Valencia campus in FL. She puts femofascist propaganda in her exams and will sometimes take over another professor's class and completely change what is in the final at the last minute , screwing the students. She also often claims that 25% of all women in the US have, or will be raped.
Ellen Pastorino: 25 % of all females in America are raped.

Student: that statistic is impossible.
by codpiece thief September 05, 2009
dumbass know it all from an old Halo clan known as Children of God. He has long hair and a "sweet" laptop he spent the "entire" summer of 06 working to get the cash to buy it. Nagga, claimed that the name came from a greeting in which he would say Nagga? instead of hey! to his friends. He has an extremely high pitch voice and he professes to be an expert in all things when in reality he is an ignorant schmuck.
Stoll Nagga Da Bob: Osama bin Laden only attacked us because the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

Dude: Right, why don't you just go back to your d20 modern game?

Stoll: because the monkeyman wants mechcommander! I can't play while uploading it to him through aim.
by codpiece thief August 29, 2009