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A person who is much cooler than a person who spells their name proprely so they replace letters to give the proper pronounciation yet spelling it much cooler.
ex.As for my name codi (Code E)

or the word extream is cooler when spelt x-tream

or the word cool is cooler when spelt kewl
#splorange #your mom #fhqwgads #death clown #codi is cool
by codi t January 09, 2006
A teal like color used to sometimes represent unkown veriables ( numbers, letters, words and colors) possibly used to describe things leaving definition to the imagination.
"yo dat shiznaz aint nutin but slorange"

teacher= what is the square root of sixteen
you= i aint be kiddin dat shits splorange

your mom tis super splorange

that dawg is splorange
#stupid #unknown #your mom #hot #dawg
by codi t October 17, 2005
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