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n. He or she that doth chargeth an exorbitant sum for commonplace words that, when aggregated, shalt have magical meanings that conferreth limited liabilities and haveth the power to compel writs of coram nobis, habeus corpus, etc.; and for such services he or she shalt render unto clients bills that doth contain billing increments as small as six minutes; and shall ye fail to pay him or her, he or she shall initiate the shaft of the law unto thine anus.
Oh man, my word pimp is on my ass about that employment contract I gave him; he backhanded me when I didn't pay my bill.
by Codezilla August 01, 2013
fucker stop this acronyms thing (Something you can say to a person who is using a lot of acronyms/abbreviations (irony) )
Tom: Wtf man! GFAT. Otherwise KMN!

You: Dude f-stat
by codezilla October 07, 2011

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