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Those people that walk around, trackies with shit stains, hair so greasy you could fry chips in it; and those all important gleaming white trainers.
These 'people' are like the walking dead-they are practically zombies, walking around looking like they've been dragged from hell. You'll often see chavs, roaming the streets in their 25 people gang, threatening anyone with their famous 'I'll bang ya' and 'You want knocking out mate' lines. These people live on cheap alcohol (they can't afford the real stuff), and they're all important cigarettes. Any money that has miraculously been saved up, usually goes on a new pair of fake gold hula hoop earings for the girls, or new speakers for their burnt out, dinted chav car. Note these speakers cost more than their shitty little car...which also has about 12 exhausts.

Often walking around with their 15 children when they are only 18 themselves, they'll spit at you if you make eye contact, and will insult you on your clothing-even though your one outfit costs more than there 20 pairs of trackies put together. They are often seen queing outside of job centre-though of course we must bare in mind that they have no intention of having a job.

They lack a proper education, as they failed to turn up to school. This unfortunatly means that they have low intelligance, often leading them to say incorrect things such as 'I fink you're stupid'...they seem to struggle pronouncing 'th'...really, we must sympathise with them...
Claire: Oh look-a chav
Chav: what ya lookin at? I'll mash you up
by coco98 November 18, 2011
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