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a degrating term used towards day laborers, who can only find work one day at a time. Because they cant hold a job or have a criminal record or are homeless.
we drove by the business and all the day lays came running out begging us to hire them for the day.

check out those day lays, they couldn't find a job today so they bought beer instead.
#day laborer #dago #day goes #day lay #worker
by cobra22 November 06, 2007
an incredible bunch of girls joined together to make an incredible softball team! also known for being rowdy and loud mouthed (mainly the parents off players and those). Can sort out true cobras/fans by listening to their response to "DO YOU BELIEVE!"---if the response isn't yelled, the person is a fake!
We played the Pennsbury Cobras the other day and they were unbeatable!
#unstoppable #incredible #loving #fighting #never-duplicated
by cobra22 June 26, 2006
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