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People who will ultimately get a chance to get back at the stupid jocks who hate them by firing them 15 years later.
Bandgeek Sandra: You're fired, Andrew! (says to self) Who gets the last laugh now, jerk?
by cmills March 28, 2005
A state of no-government and chaos which can never be sustained because there will always be someone there to keep order.
Anarchy can never happen, and I'm not one of those idiots who wants it too either.
by cmills February 12, 2005
A rarely-used way to smear someone who is pro-life.
That conservative bitch is Anti-Choice
by cmills February 15, 2005
a generally horrible two-week experience endured by high-school marching band students. Makes me wonder why anyone does it
Thank God I quit band...track and xc are so much better
by cmills March 28, 2005
Anti-Christian Liberal Ulcers

Group that claims to support the First Amendment rights of people, but attacks Christianity while simultaneously defending other faiths.
The ACLU wants to take down the Nativity display, but will allow a giant menorah to take its place.
by cmills February 09, 2005
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