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1 definition by clz28

Sport utility vehicle. What is so sporty of sherman tank offroad gas guzzler cargo trailer puller and cargo hauler? Nothing sporty about it unless mom and dad is taking kids to a sports meet. That is soccer practice. The suv is a vehicle of trend than a vehicle that is owned among soccer dads and moms that live in the suburbs that need to keep up with the jones. The suburban zombies are in the mind state of sharing the same brain,because they have no concept of how to make their own decisions.The suv is taken from a pickup and been modified. The suv is a vehicle of a lifestyle not for it's real purpose.Most suvs don't hit the offroad mud trails on a daily basis.
soccer moms utility off road rugrat brat hauler
suv-soccer utility vehicle
suv-suburban urban vanity
suv-stupid useless vehicle
suv-sherman tank utility vehicle
suv is a mini van and station wagon replacement and upgrade
by clz28 April 24, 2010
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