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3 definitions by cloud195

1. An English word: similar to adore, desire, very strong like. Opposite of hate.

2. A drug: A complex combination of chemicals produced by the body to ensure successful mating and bonding. Typical effects may include decreased sensitivity to pain, increased motivation to succeed, increased blood pressure, increased pleasure during sexual activity, interrupted sleep patterns, irrational behavior, erratic mood changes and a strong desire to bond with the object of desire.
Effects are most intense during the first year or two, then diminish gradually until the patient is fully recovered, usually by the seventh year.

3. An emotion: Spontaneous, similar to happiness and sadness, felt during acts of kindness and affection. Usually accompanied by various combinations of smiling, laughter and tears.

4. A commitment: A promise of devotion, to stand by through good times and bad times, to be faithful and honest. Actively looking out for the good of another.

5. True love: Much sought after, rare, ever lasting, unification. Similar to a perfect song or a diamond. Requires all of the above.
e.g. 1."I love chocolate ice cream."

e.g. 2. "I just met the new girl at the ice cream parlor, and I'm so in love with her."

e.g. 3. "I love you."

e.g. 4. A mother's love for her child is unconditional."

e.g. 5. "Your grandparents are like a couple of love birds."
by cloud195 May 25, 2013
Theist: Someone who knows god personally.

Atheist: Someone who can prove that god doesn't exist.

Agnostic: Someone who believes that god in unknown at this time.
"I thought I was an atheist but I'm really an agnostic"
by cloud195 May 17, 2013
Mankind's greatest mystery. The name given to the unknown, seemingly inconceivable entity responsible for all that is real. The opposite of nothing, Mr. Infinity, address unknown. Last known whereabouts......the birth of our universe? More evidence yet to be discovered is needed to fully understand our relationship with God. Recent advancements in awareness suggest that God may be unconcerned with or unaware of our existence.
Scientists now believe that attempting to define God is the leading cause of mass identity crisis and organized insanity.
Q: who created God
A: God
by cloud195 January 26, 2014