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1. beth
gem like, shim-shimmering like a precious stone, awe-inspiring and captivating.
adjec; to bling, or razzle dazzle.
"the escalade was completely beth'd out on 22" spin-teks"
by clive xavier January 23, 2005
adjective: to describe something of superior quality.
killah; this bud is killah, that movie was killah, that fly puma track suit is killah. killah bees on the swarm.
by clive xavier August 25, 2004
suckerfish. noun; a person of varying misfortune. incorporated into a greeting: whats up suckerfish? the lowest of the low, a scum sucker. bottom of the barrel. also see; bottom feeder.
suckerfish; the way dood always macked on his homies girls indicated he was a true sucker fish.
by clive xavier August 25, 2004
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