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1 definition by clitnugget69

You begin by pink socking a woman. You then proceed to kill her (in a discrete way, getting caught for homicide really sucks). You wait two weeks after the woman is buried and dig her up. You seal off her vagina by means of a cork or some other makeshift sealant, and proceed to mung her, drinking/eating through the pink sock. This serves as a more efficient process of munging.
Speaker #1:
"Oh man, i cant believe anna let john pink sock her."
Speaker #2:
"Yea dude, did you hear she died a couple days ago?"
Speaker #1:
"Oh SHIT! hes probably going to mung her then!"
Speaker #2:
"Man oh man, he is in the perfect position to pink straw that bitch!"
by clitnugget69 January 18, 2010
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