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A person who doesn't eat red meat. He may eat any other kinds of meat, but in Texas, real meat is red, so chickens, fish, and their ilk must be some kinda vegetable.
"What kind of food should I make if Mary's coming?"
"Anything but red meat - she's a Texas Vegetarian."
by ClimbingTheLog November 26, 2007
To don one's personal technology for the day. This usually involves strapping/ clipping/ pocketing an array of mobile phones, PDA's, iPods, GPS's, cameras, etc.
Martin: Dude, are you ready to go yet?
John: Hold on, I've just gotta tech up, then I'm out the door.
by ClimbingTheLog April 06, 2008
Cherry or grape tomatoes. The term is used primarily to confuse young children into eating their vegetables by making them think they've got something to do with 'tater tots'.
Ella - "I don't like these. They're vegetables".
Me - "Those aren't regular vegetables, they're mater tots - just like tater tots."
Ella - "OK, mmmm!"

(simplified, de-dramatized re-enactment)
by ClimbingTheLog April 22, 2007
1. To discharge a firearm without its ammunition.
2. dry cum
When you dry fire it's never as satisfying as working with fully-operational equipment.
by ClimbingTheLog December 08, 2009

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