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1. Having inadvertantly shit oneself in an attempt to pass gas
Whoah! Smells like someones got a fresh batch of brown berries. Im leaving!
by clichedguy February 04, 2006
1 Can be used before or after an excessive usage of the word fuck in a sentence, conversation or crisis to put an extra emphasis on that particular fuck.
What in the Sam Fuck does that motherfucker think hes fucking doing?
by clichedguy February 04, 2006
1. Evidence that someone is about to go on a tangent that may or may not have a point
After he said,"Heres some shit.: everything got all confusing and I just quit paying attention
by clichedguy February 04, 2006
1. Someone or something destined to be in control of someone or something that has perceived itself to be of a higher stature.
2. To be beat about the temples thoroughly without provocation or desire for such activity
That skeezer there aint nothing but a lust muppet baby.

After mom seen my report card she introduced me to a severe case of Lust Muppet
by clichedguy February 04, 2006
1. a white male who has pull with black women. 2. a white male who is cool with everyone without being fake or two faced
You mean that soul food white boy slept with my bitch?? Im gonna kill that skinny little cracker!
by clichedguy February 05, 2005
1.Fan Dango: The ability to coerce people in logical platitudes of demise
2.A feather used to arouse the lady bits of nobles and certain breeds of cat in the early seventeen hundreds
3. A party consisting of no less than two males but no more than five and no less than three females but no more than seven
Yo I got that bitch with my grim fan dango
Who has been using my fan dango???
Hey man Im totally diggging this fan dango man, its fucking awesome
by clichedguy February 05, 2005
1. A somewhat couth way of saying that you had to stop urinating prematurely 2. A precusor to a doctor or pychiatric appointment if it occurs and A. you dont have a penis or B. the penis begins speaking to you afterwards. 3. Natures way of telling you that you need to leave the Pinky alone
The buses early depature time forced me to Pinky Wink. The moment I witnessed the Pinky Wink, I knew I was in for one hell of a lifestyle change. I felt a bit dirty after I got the old Pinky Wink.
by clichedguy February 04, 2006
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