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Accidently responding to somone with "you too" at an unnecessary time, most oftenly used at a movie theater.
Movie theater attendant: "You're gonna be in theater 6, 3rd one to the right. Enjoy the show!"

Movie attender: "Thanks, you too!"

*awkward...walk away quickly, you've just used an involuntary "you too"*
by cleverdahling June 14, 2009
a word that can be used when something is cool or awesome or makes you say "Niccceeee" Schweppy! Can also be used as a nick name for a penis.
example one: I just got a new trampoline! ...SCHWEPPY!

example two: i saw this kid's schweppy in the locker room and it was huge!
by cleverdahling February 18, 2009

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