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a morning boner or hard-on
Thank god it was Saturday; Mike woke me up with such a cockadoodle, we made love all morning!
by claudel October 03, 2009
someone who loves eating pussy; an expert at the art of cunnilingus
He's a complete muffivore, he goes down on me every chance he gets.
by claudel October 03, 2009
noun: a fake or false fart
verb: pretending to fart by making loud, fart-like sounds by various methods including but not limited to mouths and/or hands, arms, or armpits.
Three guys at a party, standing in the hallway. One goes in the bathroom and soon really loud fart-like sounds begin.
First guy looks at the second and says, "oh dude, he's..."
Second guy interrupts, "No man, fartificial."


Kate was so embarrassed when her Mom came to visit and Brad thought it'd be funny to go in the bathroom and fartificial.
by claudel November 09, 2009
the process of organizing coupons
She's going home to couponize before we go grocery shopping.
by claudel September 22, 2009
multiple orgasms
(pronounced mull-o's)
That dinner was so good it gave me mullos!
by claudel November 19, 2009
the process of examining one's bum or arse or underwear, usually after a loud and juicy fart, to make sure there was no poo expulsion or leakage
After Bart let fly a particularly loud and possibly wet fart, Todd laughed and said, "Dude, I think you need a cheek check!"
by claudel January 16, 2010
Fear of what Glen Beck will say; tends to afflict politicians and those operating in government circles. Symptoms include rapid onset of extreme changes in behaviour and/or staff resulting from the overwhelming fear of being criticized by TV news commentator Glen Beck.
US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack forced the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, the department's Georgia director of Rural Development, before he knew the whole story due to glenbeckaphobia.
by claudel July 20, 2010

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