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a "kush"(notice the noncaps k which makes a regular word and not a name)-
n- the act of a student taking a day off from school for special purposes
(specific definitions can vary) includes:
1. taking a day of to miss a crazy hard test
2. taking a day of to study for a crazy hard test
3. taking a day of due to a lack of sleep (sometimes resulting in halucinations)
4. taking a day of because of chronic anxiety over an upcoming test (sometimes not studying at all, just being nervous)
5. taking a day of for unfinished homework
1. Im definetly going to pull a kush tommorow to study for my Apush midterm.
2. Im considering pulling a kush, since my laziness has caused me to procrastinate, which means I have to read 500 pages in 2 days.
by clamchaoder January 24, 2007

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