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10 definitions by cl9ud

another name for the rapper, Tech N9ne.
"drop down, cuz here comes tecca nina"
by cl9ud October 27, 2003
215 34
under the influence of a perscription painkiller, or powerful chemical drug.

normally used to describe the effects of Codine, various popular perscription pain relief medications, also used for describing the effects of DXM.

origin: Texas/Memphis
"i drank me 9 cups of sizzurp, im leanin!"
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
241 69
an adjective for a candy, delicious.

used in the movie "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate factory"
"this chocolate bar is scrumdiddlyumptious
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
112 51
Product of Real Life.

a fan of Esham NATAS or its members.
"im a reel life product, deep dark and gothic"
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
13 2
Hardcore Raw Rap Music; of Violent nature. Based on ACID RAP, created by Esham.
"horrorcore.com sucks ass"
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
73 70
Slang term for the prase, "you know what im saying?" or "do you understand what im saying?"
"my girlfriend cheated on me, i felt horrible, yawmsayin?"
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
1 0
noun, slang for Excedrin PM sleep aid.

most commonly used in plural form.
"man, im gonna take 8 epm's and gota sleep"
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
1 5