2 definitions by ck slick

the act of suffering a shart attack. followed by a series of moistening after sharts.

possibly after a night of imbibing an unhealthy amount of alcohol and protein shakes.

or a bad fish taco washed down with tijuana tap water
GUY1) man, i deserve a medal. i just powered through hung over breakfast with my fiances parents.
GUY2) that tends to suck...
GUY1) yah. it tends to suck worse when hang over farts morph into shart palpitations without any warning.

GUY2) sounds like a productive sunday.
GUY1) yah. i've had worse days... just wish i wasn't wearing white kaki cargo shorts
GUY2) i warned you about that
by ck slick June 03, 2009
ability to roll a joint like a cigarette. or lock a blunt so flawlessly that the cigarillo returns to its pre-gutted form.

also called dells or bars
guy1) who wants to twist this?

guy2) give it to kip... he's got the best handles.

guy1) you got them bars kip?

kip) you already know.

guy1) sounds good to me. lock this isshhh
by ck slick March 17, 2010

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