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A town in the east coast, next to Holmdel, Keansburg, and Middletown. every town around hazlet hates every person that lives there. only a few people in hazlet are descent people. they believe they are better than everyone else. In my opinion, its a town that u have to be raised in to even be able to live there. the people in this town are all wanna be gangsta. they try to act tough but always end up being a pussy. i live there and let me tell you... all the teenagers do is drink, smoke, and fuck while the younger teens just walk around to one of the schools to just chill. they always are judging people on appearance instead of personality. everyone in hazlet has to hav the same haircut from the same place. they all listen to the same music. only rap. you cant listen to anything else than rap or they will go all pussy ass on you and they will say fight me.
Hazlet Kid 1: yo, look at that kid.

Hazlet Kid 2:What Kid, yo?

Hazlet Kid 1:That kid to the right. He has long hair. Lets jump him.

Hazlet Kid 2: Yea lets jump that fag. hes mad doofy.

Long Hair Kid:(beats the shit out of the two kids, then calls his friends)i thought hazlet kids were tough

Kid on Phone: they look like they are.

Long Hair Kid: no, i just got jumped by 2 of them. they are a bunch of pussies

Kid on phone: ohh, good now lets go jump those doofy muthafuckas (making fun of the hazlet kids)
by ciscooooo June 30, 2009

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