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wanna be rocker/punker/goth that folows a gey trend. it diverges from the real "emo" form the 90's into a fashion who's trend is to "look" depressed becouse mom and pops didn't gave money to spend at the mall in useless, stupid random, trendi stuff while the real depresed people remains on medication and the people that suffers of hunger stays in the streets, war, hungry, in Sudan, niggeria, etc.
those have a right and a reason to be depressed.
i'm an emo.
my dad did not whant to buy me a new i-phone. this world sucks my life will end.. cry with me, im sucha rebel punk that cries like a girl. tight up my pants. I only now one emotion, being stupid while i claim to suffer
by circle-pit August 12, 2008

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