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a beanch who wears necklaces and plastic surgery and make-up and titimplants and gets cm's (computer modified ha, ha) pictures of herself/himself to convince poor anorexic girlies to kill themselves.
fortunately i've never had a problem with them cept that i like some of them okay oop
eminem, my GASH ITTH EMINEM HIDE YOUR WALLETTH COTH HE'TH COMIN UP QWICK! *duck down* oh my fuckin god go TALK to him
whaAWT no WAY what if he thinks im stupid
well im pretty sure he doesnt give one single fuck about you, even if you gave him one.
oh. better go talk to him then
by Cim April 08, 2003
word definition: pipe dream n
a goal, hope, idea, or plan so fanciful that it is very unlikely to be realized.

everyone needs those pipe dreams.
you GUYS. its not FUNNY. pipe dreams wont come true if you havent GOT any. stop being stupid. i know you all have them. WHAT?? YOU DONT? stop fuckingwith me. OH MY GOD. FUCK YOU/FUCK ME okay. I THINK WE NEED A TIME-OUT *makes 'T' with hands*

BYE MY SWEET: sweetnsweaty pipe dreams babe
by cim April 19, 2003
1)used when sombody is getting on ur nerves and u wana tell um
2)used when u simply do not care!
© ov cim!
annoying gay:- o and this guy loves me n its all like -
you:- PEFF!


annoying gay:- wana go to a gay bar?
you :- peff
by cim July 01, 2004

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