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a person who is so much of a bitch that they have to talk shit to people out of a car then drive off like they are hot shit only in reality they are little pussies
(a guy yells at some skateboarders)

boarder #1: dude that guy was a dick

boarder #2: yeah i know, i hate window warriors
by chunkyturk April 06, 2009
when a person calls another t tell them an interesting story of the day but instead of just telling them they act it out despite the fact the peron on the other end of the conversation cant see them
Jim: I saw Mike talking to to a friend on the phone but he was acting out the scene over the phone!

Bob: Wow i never would have pictured Mike to be a hand phoner.
by chunkyturk August 24, 2009
the phase in a relationship where the female partner knows the male so well that during a fight she imitates him
(a couple is arguing and she imitates his procrastination techniques giving a prime example of the imitation phase in the relationship)

Jim: oh really whens the last time i said that?

Jane: you ALWAYS come up with an excuse like "oh ill take out the trash after the football game"
by chunkyturk May 29, 2009
when having vaginal intercourse and then at the point of climax the male pulls out of the vagina thus inserting the tip of the penis into the females anus and releasing the cum into it.
Guy: dude, i was screwing some chick last night and i gave her a smore haha!

Guy 2: haha now thats some funny shit!
by chunkyturk June 28, 2009

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